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Is it true that buyer pays the fine if order is declined?


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The title may seem a bit un-clear so I’ll try to explain what I mean…

Today I had a buyer who placed an order to one of my gig. I have very clearly written on my gig descriptions and on page of additional requirement for the order that buyer must contact me before placing order to discuss the work and my availability.

Buyer placed the order without discussion and unfortunately I was already occupied with other work at hand. So I requested a mutual cancel of order stating my reason.

The buyer got furious and told me, or rather asked me, saying whether I knew that if I (as seller) declines the job, it costs the requester (the buyer) something like 50 cents.

Frankly, I do not believe this to be true because there are too many buyer who go around placing order for seller who may be already busy with other work and the order ends up in mutual cancel.

I would like to know how much of this is true from the fiverr team.


PS. I tried to explain the buyer how order cancellation was a problem even for me as a seller but I was too late as the order was already cancelled and there was no way for me to contact the buyer again or start the conversation.

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The answer is no and yes. Fiverr has to pay fees to PayPal and other payment providers for their services. When a buyer places one $5 order using a credit card or PayPal, they are charged a .50 fee to cover that cost so they pay $5.50.

Then, say a $5 order gets cancelled for anything by buyer, seller, or Fiverr. The $5 just goes back to the buyers Fiverr account so they can buy another $5 gig. When they buy the next gig, there is no need for another .50 fee. The buyer pays the flat $5 for a gig. They never lost the .50. It’s not a fine and buyers get information about the processing fee when they buy a gig but not all of them read it.

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