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Beware from Fake SEO Gigs


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Come on guys,

be nice to each other! Even and especially if there are different points of view.

As I mentioned before, this topic is that complex, that there is not “the one and only answer”, and something that is right in one case, can be wrong in another case.

So relax please everybody 🙂

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“It´s the content, stupid”. This is the biggest and most important SEO criterion.

Is content important yes. Is it the be all and all of ranking a site. Not by a very long way.someone from Google finally admitted this a few days ago when they stated this:-

Content and links carry equal importance followed by Rankbrain.

Last year I had a corporate client with over 1 billion backlinks pointing to the site. This customer is a very niche specific social site. The bottom line was this site had a LOT of content on it and a large user base and was not ranking for anything. Because they had so many links we could not use normal methods or tools to extract all their backlinks & correlate data from them. The reason why they were not ranking was something related to the backlinks which was very interesting in what it was and this was addressed. Content by itself is not king and if you do enough testing you will see this.

So if you create 1 Billion “bad back- or front or whatever -links” for the New York Times for example, what will happen? Nothing!

I think I am in a position to comment on this for several reasons.

#1 One of my corporate clients, got hit by negative seo. I would not say they were as high as the NY times but they are/were not far off in terms of their field which is very big. Negative seo is not just pointing spammy links at a site with pharma or other negative keywords in the anchor text. Thats just what kids do. There are other ways of doing it that can seriously impact a sites rankings and can be very hard to find. The site recovered with outside intervention…

#2 No one has done a test that I know of sending 1 billion backlinks to the NY times or any other site to see what will happen so I cannot comment specifically on that. What I can tell you is people have done it and do it to sites all the time. (negative seo) and it does work. Links get disavowed sites rise back up. Tide goes in. Tide goes out. Explain that.

#4 Google will not allow an authority site to be negatively impacted like this. Some sites are grandfathered in and you can do what you want. Nothing will move them. That I can tell you for a fact but I am not going to post proof of that on here for obvious reasons.

Google “knows” very well, what kind of link is linking to what kind of link and why and how etc.

This is not the case. Lots of sites show up in the search results ranking very well with what appears to be no or very few backlinks when in reality they have a lot of backlinks

It is easy to hide what you are doing from the search engines with technical measures that do not go against any webmaster guidelines from the search engines.

You might think if you are hiding links from the search engines then they will not see the links and you will not rank. If you are creative they will see what you want them to see and this is not blackhat either.

Automated “social signals” in FB, Twitter & Co? worthless!

There are ranking factors which suggest otherwise for facebook, twitter and pinterest.If you search for them you will find them. Google have quite a few.

@jey242 I am not sure what you mean by this "New school SEOs to Old school SEO "Because either seo works or it does not. maybe you can clarify this.

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Hi @markp,

I don´t want to make this large, but lots of things you say are really outdated as @jey242 says and lot´s of things you say are simply not “right”.

As you always refer to Google, the big godfather of everything for you - as it looks like - Google definitely did not “say” just some days ago, that it is all about content. This is an invention you made 🙂

It was, it is, and it will be the content, that matters.

As you always mention your “invisible, incredible big and important customers” as an argument for your arguments :-)… I also have some argument.

I know a real big player, a german one, well known worldwide, called Spiegel. They don´t care of any of these “technical SEO things”.

They will never ever look out if there are trash-links linking to them or not. They don´t waste this time.

They write (not produce, this is a big difference) content, content, content, and they use their brains to produce the best content possible.

They invest money in content, not in linkchecker, linkeraser, or linkers

They are untouchable and invincible and unassailable and un-everything.

So yeah. It is, the content, stupid 🙂

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I don’t entirely agree that SEO is a marathon, more like a 200m dash most of the time. In the past I’ve gotten content to rank in the top ten results of Google and Bing within a month, in most of those cases for high to medium competition search terms.

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Since you are calling me a liar and also calling me stupid. This is the last thing I will show you. I dont expect you to come back in here and apologise but since you have started resorting to insults I will not be posting in this thread again so you can carry on with the insults by yourself.

I did not say Google said it is all about content. read what I wrote.

I said Google stated links and content are the most important followed by rankbrain in third ,which they have stated previously.

As for saying I invented this. I suggest you watch this where the guy from Google said exactly that.

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Come on,

I did not call you stupid, I did not insult you, what´s wrong here?

I used the adapted phrase

it ́s the content stupid,

from Bill Clintons “it ́s the economy stupid”.

Nothing else.

“it ́s the content stupid,” is a well known phrase, used in lots of companies and specially in editorial teams.

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To be fair you threw some insults yourself especially with your insinuation that we don’t know what we are talking about with regards to bulk backlinks and their true value. The difference is you resorted to using outdated videos to assist you with your insults. This is a forum where individuals of different mindsets should be able to debate and discuss those different viewpoints without fear of ridicule. No one should have to fear being ridiculed for their ideas no matter how preposterous or “way out of the box” they sound. Deciding to leave because you cannot convince us to see things from your viewpoint is of no consequence to us, as we will go about our own individual businesses as usual.

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Well, for sure you have to clarify that in the Gig description and maybe also with the customer, but the option to select “delivery time” to 29 days exists.

This is for sure not the perfect solution for any case, but it can be a solution 😉

Another solution can be to create a custom order, or several ones, for longer lasting services. (In general it is a good idea to split bigger $$ orders in several custom orders. That way you can at least reduce the risk to be ripped off.)

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