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Need Help for improving my gig!


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Hey someone please check out my gig, if I need to improve anything? I’m a newbie and I’m also not getting any clicks on my gig.
I had used fiverr website earlier but never got any success, this time I’m giving my 100% on this gig but no traffic. Please help me and reply in simple tone, cause I’m a beginner in this field. How should I do promotion for my gig?
I don’t have money to spend for promoting my gigs or purchasing different SEO related stuff,
please if possible provide some concrete guideline…

Thanks in advance


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Rewrite your gig description. For me there are too many questions at the beginning. Try catching the buyers attention within the first 2 sentences. What can you do for them and why should they buy from you. Also take the alert out—>


Message before order… I don’t want to hurt my rating in any possible way. I will respond you as soon as possible.

Don’t vanish after ordering.

This does not make a good impression! Best of luck 😉

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Your video is quite nice. I like it. I would start the gig description based on your gig video. But that is just my personal opinion. Also please keep in mind I am not a professional writer neither is English my first language.
Hi my name is Vivek and I am a web developer.
For only $5 I will fix any of your website issues.

I have extensive experience with:
-W3C validation issues
-Responsive problems

You can expect top quality, great service and a money back guarantee!!

Get in touch and let me know how I can help you with your website…


Contact me today and let me know how I can help you with your website issues.

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