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Fiverr Portolio Not working


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I can view Demo Videos but when I try to view Portfolio Videos for my account or on other gigs I can not.

I cleared cache, cookies and even tried using Incognito mode but it did not help.

Since the video was to large to attach, I uploaded it to youtube at:

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I sampled your Portfolio Video (“Donate”) on the following browsers
Internet Explorer
and all played without a problem.

[Edit] Do have add-ons or extensions installed? Sometimes these can cause problems. Try disabling them if you have any installed.

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I have a similar issue. The videos play fine, however on my voiceover gigs, the audio files in my Live Portfolia don’t play at all in Firefox browser. But that is better than mobile and internet explorer where my live portfolio doesn’t even show up at all! I want potential clients to be able to hear live work, but if I can’t even access it, who can?

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