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Order cancelled after no files delivered, but how to post feedback?


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So this is my first time on Fiverr. I want a logo and a business card created.

I make contact with a seller who has 900 good reviews and is rated as 5stars.

I supply all information asked, which includes all my contact details etc (remember this is for business cards)

Everything seems ok - The seller has a big portfolio of work that seems legitimate, a similar portfolio on Flickr, etc… I feel I have done reasonable due diligence, not on any scammer lists etc.

So I engage with the seller and agree to the gig at $70. I know the work is worth more that $5, so I’m not going down that path. The initial communication all seems OK at this stage.

When the deadline to complete the order comes up I get a notification that the order is completed and that I need to ask for any modifications etc.

But there are no files attached… OK, that can happen, I understand the interweb of things fairly well. So we start a small string of messages and along the way, I think it a good idea to contact customer services and let them know what is happening in case there is something ‘fishy’ going on.
And to my surprise, they cancel the order within 4 minutes and provide no explanation.

OK, so now I have $70 back in my account that is only of use to me on Fiverr, I now realise that I don’t know what mechanism I can use to ensure I am working with someone who is not scamming me, customer services won’t tell me, and there is no process for which I can leave any feedback about that order or the seller.

I really just wanted my order completed and to pay my money and to receive what I wanted and then to happily post positive feedback! But now I am distrustful of the whole process.

So what’s my question? Is this indicative of other people’s experiences here? Is Fiverr full of non-deliverers that hope you miss the timeout until an order is autocompleted? And if this is true is Fiverr admin complicit in this by not allowing you to post negative feedback when they accept happily that the order was not completed successfully?

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That’s not a typical cancellation story at all. It makes me wonder if the seller did something to get into big trouble with Fiverr and the account was banned. If it was, you wouldn’t be able to leave a review anyway, but since you also didn’t get an actual product to review, you can’t leave feedback. Reviews are only intended to reflect your opinion about a completed transaction.

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As fonthaunt said what you encountered was unusual.

Since you got nothing for your money you are entitled to a refund. Customer support did the right thing. Why it happened is a mystery but the seller did not deliver for some reason.

Under the doctrine of “You have to pay to play”, since you ended up not paying you cannot leave feedback. You are made fully whole by the total refund you received.
Technically it was as if the whole thing never happened since you are in the same condition you were before.

You can continue to try to find a great designer and use the refund for that purpose.
Best of luck next time.

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