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Guide me, want to sell gig


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Hello there.
I checked your profile and I saw that you do not have any gigs.
If you are serious about working on Fiverr you need to put some time and effort at creating catchy gigs.
Be professional, add a profile picture and add a description about you and your experience.
Nobody likes to buy from a seller who doesn’t even have a profile picture.
Keep your profile 100% complete.
Also do not forget to read the forum posts for new sellers.
Hope this helps and all the very best to you.

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In the categories you know there is much competition, but you’ll see people selling if you look. You’ll also find more newcomers without sales because they either aren’t doing anything unique or don’t have good English communication skills.

As far as guidance, there is already a ton of it on Fiverr. Read everything in Tips for Sellers and the Fiverr Academy at Fiverr.com/academy.

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