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Guatamala, Haiti, Ecuador, Greenland, N. Korea, countries off the fiverr map


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I was just wondering if anyone had any orders from:

Also most of Africa still is off my world domination map. I have 54%. I am guessing that internet service is not available to most in these countries.

My latest rare country to add a buyer was Nicaragua.

What other countries never have buyers? What was your latest rare country to have a buyer from?

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I think one seller got a sale in North Korea but I can’t remember who it was. I think I’ve had an order or two from Haiti. I’ve definitely had Ecuador. I have Kazakhstan (sadly not Borat) too, which I imagine is a pretty rare one!

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I got one from Kazakhstan too!
France was one that took a long time for me to get an order from! I did lots of French translation but only in the last month have I got orders from France - none for 5 months then 6 in one month.
The seller who got N. Korea was a TRS logo designer with something like 20,000 reviews. His total was 80% coverage.

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