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Contact Seller B4 Ordering


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It’s absolutely ridiculous that as buyers we are NOT allowed to communicate with the Sellers before placing an order. Why being so paranoid… FIVERR!!

Other freelance sites allow you to do that & FOR GOOD REASONS.

If you are hiring someone to do a task related to communication for example… I would really want to be able to speak to the person to know if he/she is for REAL and wasting my time to hire someone that can’t deliver and then I’ll spend more time looking for new hire.

Fiverr is providing a unique solution / access… NO ONE IS LOOKIN TO UNDERMINE THAT!! OK??

Ridiculous policy… fix it or other freelance site will catchup to you.

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yes, I am agree with you . When you order me gig , if you not 100% sure , if I am able to give you the work or not. And also this is my problem . Because if I do not know before you hire me, After hire and after cancel, bad idea.
CS will look to it.

Wish you good luck …

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