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Some glitch?


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I got an order on Fiverr this morning, and then a clear notification on email and Fiverr that the order had been update by the customer (required material for the gig, for me to start working) However, when I checked my order page, I did not find ANY information. I waited about an hour and requested the buyer to send in the information.

She said she had already sent it and copy pasted the message back to me. Now I have the message, but I can’t open download the attachments, since it was pasted from the message thread. This is how I see it:

AdobeStock_85497078.jpeg (1.79 MB)
Heart_of_the_Pride.jpg (4.76 MB)
AdobeStock_65506897.jpeg (3.54 MB)
AdobeStock_71976739.jpeg (7.04 MB)
BookCover5_25x8_Cream_380.jpg (6.19 MB)
Banner_4.jpg (806 KB)

i.e., I can’t view or download the files. The order is due in less than 2 days. Help please!

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