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From Newbie straight to Level 2 Seller


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Hello Fiverrer’s!
I would like to share my experience with Fiverr with you and provide some tips for Newbies, as well (maybe) for experienced sellers. Sorry in advance for my English, I will do my best. 😉

I started on Fiverr about two months ago. I never knew Fiverr until I saw an advertisement on Facebook. I registered and ordered my first Gig. After a couple of days I thought “Man, there are a lot of things I also could do”. And so I went from a buyer to a seller, within a few days. My intention was, to offer something in the -crowded- graphic design category. That is also my profession.

What I have expected? Well, honestly I expected, to earn a passive income through Fiverr. I read a lot in the forum, read a dozen of websites and watched some YouTube videos about Fiverr.

I started with some classy graphic design Gigs (don’t check my profile, these Gigs are already paused 😛 ) The first (I think) 2 weeks had been veeeery poor. I didn’t get at least one sale and I was on that point, to quit Fiverr as a seller. The thing is, it is very difficulty for new sellers to get the first Gig.

Ok, I used this time and learned more, read more websites and tipps, tweaked my descriptions and started to use the buyer request section on Fiverr. I made the first offers and then: BAAAAM - my first order was here.
Well, I was very excited and I did the first order perfectly and before I was ready to deliver: BAAAAM the next order came in. I was overwhelmed.

The following days I’ve got orders and I went from a Newbie, straight to a Level 2 Seller without a pause. I’ve got the first 10 orders (for Lvl 1) after about 25 days and reached the 50 orders about 20 more days. I had to wait about 2 weeks and finally I was promoted to a Level 2 Seller yesterday. It’s just fantastic.

Through this period I made good and bad experiences. Now I want to share some tips with you and hope, you have a great start on Fiverr and have your first sale soon:

Expect the unexpected!

As I said before, I started with graphic design. If you look on my profile, writing Gigs are my bestseller. I made a lot of Gigs and tested, which Gigs generates the most views, clicks and at least sales. Watch your statistics, watch your competitor and create unique Gigs! No one needs the 5231th Gig for logo design (even I offer it in my profile 😛 )

Be always professional with your Gigs

A minor tip is, to stay always professional! Only create Gigs, if you’re really a master in this category. No one wants poor quality here. The people pay for a great work, neither they cost $5. If you do a great job, you will earn positive feedback. And this is much more worth then $5. So only offer Gigs, which you can do professional. And there is now shame to tell a buyer “Sorry bro, I am not the right man (or girl) for this job. But I am sure there are some really great Fiverrer, which can help you better than me”. It’s a place where we offer our services and we should all treat each other professional and friendly (and of course you would be happy to, if another seller would say, that YOU are the right person, wouldn’t you?)

Be always professional with your Buyers

Well, there are great buyers, and there are a***oles. But always stay calm and polite, also if you have a difficulty buyer. Always think about the positive feedback you could get and the following orders this buyer could provide you.

Know your value!

A lot of new sellers flood the marketplace with $5 Gigs. They writing about “I’m professional”, “I’m expert” bla bla bla. Does any expert do a job for $5? I don’t think so! Know your real value! Stop flooding the place with $5 Gigs. At the first time it’s okay to get the first important reviews, but after that you should raise your price or service.

Also know your personally value. There are much buyers, who always have changes. Limit your revisions, because unlimited revisions can be very time-consuming. And time is money on Fiverr. Think about how much Gigs you could do, if you don’t had all those changes.

Don’t get me wrong. Buyer satisfactory is very important to generate further orders. But think about, how much time every buyer costs you.

Be an expert on your service!

OK, you’re now professional and know your value. Never explain why you charge this and that for a Gig. Treat your buyers professional. Potential buyers will have understanding for your price, while penny pincher will always try to hard bargain. Never try to persuade your customers. Serve as a expert, who can handle his problem. This ensure a long cooperation.

Setting the right prices / delivery time

As I said before, set the right prices. Buyer’s willing to pay more than $5 if the quality is awesome. Probably you don’t have a flood of orders with higher prices, but those orders you get, are more profitable for you. Use your order-free-time to improve your skills and care about friends n’ family!

Like user emmaki said in one of a topic: Don’t set a to short delivery time. “This may backfire like a blocked toilet and cover you in…” and that’s true! Enjoy the life and stop working day and night. 10 orders for each 5$ with a working time of 10 hours are not cool. 3 orders with 20$ and 3 hours working time are cool. You earn $10 more and work 7 hours less. Don’t get cover in Sh** because you can’t delivery until the deadline. Set a comfort deadline, where you don’t have pressure and always can proof the quality of your work.

Stop spamming, posting in the request section

That’s a hot topic. I know you all want to get your first sale. But please, please, PLEASE stop use wrongly using the BUYER request section. Apply there for a job, like I did. But stop promoting your Gigs there. That is just annoying and don’t help you to get your first sale. Please stop spamming all TRS and begging for tips. Your tips are right here. And we have a great community in this forum, which they can help you. Inform yourself, but don’t except that others will do this for you! Also take care of the TOS (Terms of Service) and follow the rules of the game.

Stop freaking out when your sales/statistics drops

That is usually a normal way. Sometimes there are dry times, sometimes there are wet times. As I said before: focus on your skills, your fam. Improve yourself in this time and stop freaking out. Nobody can help you if your statistics starts dropping. But it will come better times!

Be proud to be a Fiverr seller!!!

You have the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world! Don’t be partisan! Be always open to all nationalities. Beside all money making, 5 star ratings and this things start being HUMAN! Start a conversation with your seller. Ask them how they are doing. Show some curiosity about their project. I am sure you will satisfy your buyer, will find (like I did) great new friends from other countries and appreciate more the work you do here on Fiverr. This is the sense of Fiverr from me. Getting in touch with a lot of people from all over the world.

That’s not a masterplan to get rich or even become a TRS. That is my story, how I made to Level 2 and still use to treat my Gigs, my customers, my friends and family and how I still have a lot of fun using Fiverr as a seller.

Hope I can help some of you and wish you a good time and good luck on Fiverr!


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