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How to gain momentum as a new seller?


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I’m a seller who has been established for just under two weeks as a first time seller of any job online, let alone voice acting.

I understand that self promotion online is required and that my level increasing will generate sales. I have not pursued self promotion yet, as I have set up my page concurrently with my exam week, but am still slightly disappointed about not being contacted at all during this time.

Some common tactics I see recommended are to create social media profiles specifically for the gig I am trying to sell, but I don’t understand how that will generate traffic as me or my gigs have no following. Others such as posting on blogs that mention certain keywords seem more likely to alienate people or make myself seem suspicious than generate customers.

I am trying to make myself seem as professional as possible, and appear as neutral and poised as I can, but would still like to find a way to get this gig off the ground. I am semi nervous about what my reputation as a seller on fiverr will be even after having posted this.

Is applying to requests a way to establish myself? Am I overlooking any key details?

Thank you all so much in advance for the help and concern you’ll show. I am nervous about having my greenness towards all of this be put out in the open, but hopefully the advice can be put into practice sooner rather than later, to reap the rewards.

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I looked at your gig. Right off the bat, you need a better gig video. When offering a voice over service, clients will pay attention to these things:

  • Presentation
  • Vocal Tone
  • Vocal Quality (MOST IMPORTANT)

The vocal quality of your gig video is not very impressive. It lacks clarity and sounds economic. This will play a huge factor when anyone clicks your gig, as it’ll be the first thing they listen to. Attention spans nowadays are no longer than 5 seconds, and it’s crucial that you have the quality to get a client to contact you. You’ll need an improved visual presentation, as well as a much better vocal demo. Good luck.

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