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Why You Should Under-Promise and Over-Deliver


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Quick Tip:

The idea behind this concept is that, by keeping customer expectations low and yet routinely exceeding them, you as the seller will develop a great reputation.

You’ll get raving fans.

However, if you make ambitious claims and promises and then fail to deliver them, customers will get upset, and they will begin to think that false advertisements were made.

Or when you deliver just as promised, your customers will be conditioned to feel that you did the minimum of what you said you would do. There is nothing special or amazing about it, because to them… you’re “just doing your job”… nothing more, nothing less.

When you decide to under-promise and over-deliver, there are great advantages.

If you extend the expected delivery time, but deliver “early”… or make it seem you are going above and beyond your offer, this makes for a pleasant surprise. It completely changes the mindset of your customer. You are now (in their eyes) more valuable and trustworthy. You will standout and receive detailed and raving reviews.

In the event that there is a problem or hiccup in the gig process, you will already have made yourself a buffer to fall on, and you won’t need to panic.

I feel this technique is a great way to prep your customer into a raving fan, without having to become overly ambitious or end up working more… for less.


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a great tip and thank you for sharing. this is also a great tool for promoting your gigs. one of the things that you can do is over deliver and then request the customer to share your gig among his friends and family, and to save the headache of finding the share button for customer (which really is difficult for most of the people who are not computer geeks) give them the link so that they only have to copy and paste.

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You actually don’t need great abilities to over-deliver. You just need to prep your customer by making them expect something that is all too easy for you to accomplish, and then surprising them with the normal amount of work you would do for anyone. This puts them in the mindset that you have gone above and beyond your previous promises- without actually having to push your limits and being overly ambitious.

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