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YOUTUBE is a fantastic resource for Fiverr Marketing, but

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Youtube is a fantastic resource for Fiverr Marketing… but… I’ve heard that they are trying to possibly put a stop to members trying to link to their Youtube Channels.

I will have to disagree with this movement and here’s my reason WHY, coming from someone from the Voice Over Industry as a professional.

Youtube is part of Google, and is a great resource for visual work, for showing off portfolios and past work because for people like us (Voice Over Artists) it’s almost a crucial feature to have, especially for someone like me that does a lot of visual and animated feature work, it would help clients in making their decision to work with people like us, because honestly, the portfolio for Fiverr for folks like us is very limited. ESPECIALLY when starting out. I don’t think Fiverr should punish folks that are trying to use their channel in a positive manner for their site, especially when we are linking back and promoting Fiverr in our own videos. I have over 20k subscribers, and I can see in the future that this could be very beneficial for the Fiverr site. Imagine if everyone had great, established youtube channels that linked back to Fiverr. That’s more traffic and GOOGLE exposure for the site. It would be a terrible thing to do away with from a person looking at it from a marketing perspective.

Why block a resourceful site that we could use to drive even more traffic??

I understand that Fiverr doesn’t want people linking to their own personal site. But honestly. There’s a clear difference from when someone is linking back to their website to ‘steal’ work, and someone that HAS or HAD a website before finding Fiverr and is trying to work Fiverr into their mainstream business efforts… it’s just obvious that entrepreneurs who never started on Fiverr to begin with (MOST of us) are going to have HAD a website at some point or another.

Fiverr shouldn’t punish those that are making an effort to USE our website or our youtube channel to DRIVE already existing clients or new traffic to their own (Fiverr’s) site. It just doesn’t make sense. NOW… on the other side of the token. If someone is linking to their site from here and an admin goes and checks their youtube channel or website and there’s ZERO effort being put into driving the traffic BACK to Fiverr, they should be penalized.

But I just ask, that the admins PLEASE be mindful of those that are obviously trying to grow their work here to benefit your site. Don’t destroy things just because of a few bad eggs. Just toss the bad eggs away and keep the good eggs around to promote your site more.

Even better, a cool suggestion would be to ADD some kind of a Youtube BUTTON to people’s Gig pages that advertise for customers and clients to easily click over to someone’s youtube channel that Fiverr has PERSONALLY deemed fit to be connected to a Gig. That would make it easiest for customers to go check out videos and portfolios that someone has to better show the work/talent that someone has to offer.

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Jonathan Jones
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