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I reached the milestone of $2000


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Hi all Fiverrers,

I’m happy to announce that i finally reached $2000 of revenues and still counting, with 177 completed orders.

I see it as a great achievement for a student who only works few hours a day.

My advice for beginners is to always deliver work that’s worth 5 stars, don’t run after money only, reputaiton is more important, and this how you get REPEAT buyers which are the key of success.

Good luck for all


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Very true.

I didn’t made 2000$ so far, as I did my first sale yesterday, but I am in for the long term, so the satisfaction that I brought to my customer also brought me a feeling of satisfaction & fulfillment knowing that I did something right.

So yes, reputation is very important factor in being successful. Money is just a by product of the quality of your service.

  • Lupe.
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