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Whats best Edit gigs or Make new one?


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We recently join Fiverr almost 20 days ago. What you all think is better option. Currently we have upload 4 gigs and our 3 gigs are showing on recommended sections.

Should we edit our gigs or make new one??

We have still no idea why we are not getting orders and our gigs impressions are not going up very fast.

We contact Fiverr Team and they told us Gig should be awesome and Unique to stand out and gigs are rotating all time because Fiverr is highly dynamic.

Our question is this if Fiverr is dynamic how its possible as our content reader told that there are some gigs round about 20 which are mostly on top and this is the big reason why they are getting so many orders.

Guys can you tell us where our team is doing mistake. We also provide new concepts in Packages to make it more unique but still Fiverr Team our gigs is just fine not awesome.

HT Team

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Hello, I don’t know if it would help your gigs rank higher but your descriptions need a good proofreader to correct some of the errors in the writing. It is badly phrased in some places.

To show what I mean, this:

HT_Designz Highly welcome you.
We believe that professional looking designs always requires time, We will make sure to keep all our clients happy with their requirements.

Should be changed to this:

We believe that professional looking designs require time. We will make certain we keep our clients happy and meet their requirements.

Leave out "HT Designz Highly welcome you. " You do not need to waste time welcoming people to your gig.

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