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My Contacts - Message - Custom Offers - Spamming. Read This and Pls Help


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Hi guys, I love fiverr platform and I appreciate what fiverr did for all of us.
However, we are not all perfect and fiverr does try to improve their services all the time.

Following fiverr academy and reading one of the article and taking action on it cost my level2 to drop to level1. Here is why and what very helpful fiverr support did about it.

I read an article titled “–> Keep in Touch with Buyers With the “My Contacts” Tool”

here is the article

Here is an extract of the article.

What’s the right way to contact a previous buyer? There are a few reasons:

  • Do you have a new Gig that will interest the buyer?
  • Do you want to let the buyer know that you are available to take on any upcoming assignments they might have?
  • Do you just want to say hi?

It clearly states that we can keep in touch with our past buyers to inform about our new gig etc.

So I followed the rules as always do, and through “My Contacts” I hit the “Message” button and sent a message to one of my past buyer for one of my new gigs that is very similar to what they have bought from me.

A few hours later, I had a message about my Level 2 being dropped to Level 1!
Why? What have I done wrong?

Apparently my past buyer Hit the “Report” button, and fiverr, without giving any chance to explain yourself dropped me down to Level 1 because it was counted as a Spam!

I sent and email to fiverr support and they told me that I have to rebuild my level2 again, even thought this was certainly NOT Spam. It was taking action on what fiverr suggested and encouraged on this article in fiverr academy (Link pasted above).

So I had no choice but to work hard and build my level2 again which took me a while.

But I wanted to get clarity about this confusion, fiverr encourages the seller to keep in touch with the past buyers but if the buyer hits the Report button, then you are in trouble with fiverr!

So, following the article, take action and you are 50/50 at risk of losing your level or getting a warning from fiverr!

I sent another message to fiverr about my confusion and the risk involved in following the article and taking action on it was very risky because I am the living example of it.

Here is an extract of a very helpful person at fiverr support, she really tried to help me understand how “My Contacts” worked, Thank you if you are reading this!

–> support — > "I can only advise you not to send too many messages with the same text to too many buyers. Some users may see that as spamming and report you.
Thank you for wanting to follow the rules and I am sorry I cannot be more specific regarding this issue, but I really cannot tell exactly how your buyers would react to your messages.

However, I do understand your confusion and therefore I will forward your comments to our Product Developers.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention." <<-- support >>

So now this issue is in the hand of the developers and I really hope that they can come up with a good solution so that all genuine sellers don’t get into trouble for following the rules as at the moment, it seem that getting in touch with your past buyers is a 50/50 risk of being Reported as a spammer.

Do any of you use “My Contacts” to keep in touch with your past buyers and what actions do you follow so that it would never be counted as spam?

And what else can we do so that we can prevent the past buyers Not Hitting the Report button?

I’ve had huge success with my some of my gigs, and now I have more gigs but none of my will know about it as I will not risk being hit by a Report button. Help 🙂


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Yeah, I think your issue was that you took this article as carte blanche to send a boring “work plz” spam to everyone you could find. Nobody likes those, and I expect you got multiple complaints.

What you should have done is target very specific profiles and sent highly customized offers. I mean, you might have done that, but our communication with CS seems to indicate that you were spamming people with gay abandon. Of course, it’s probably from the pre-written box, so I’m just piling on the assumptions here.

Personally, I’m not going to pester any previous buyers unless they come to me. To my knowledge, I’ve never been reported. This is a 100% cast iron method to not risk getting hit by a report button.

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"so I’m just piling on the assumptions here."
You are not wrong there 🙂

I understand what spam is, and never practiced it, it was a genuine message about the new gig I have that was similar to what they bought. I am not a spammer, nor do I appreciate being spammed.

I like you tip about I should’ve sent on offer instead, better yet, not contact my past buyers , that as you say is 100% riskless.

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I don’t remember having used this function to contact past, or regular buyers. However, if I would use it one day, I would get details from the past orders I have completed for them and refer to a specific item that would instantly refresh their memory and use that in the subject line, or at the latest on the first line of the message. In any case I would use a very different subject line for each message sent, this might help to being flagged by the automated spam detector.

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