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New Sellers, The Truth Is this


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Fiverr does not generate clients for you. You have to work for them.

It’s not just as simple as creating an account and watching the money pile up. I’ve seen many posts where new creatives ask and say the same things:

  • “Where are the orders?”
  • “How come I’m not selling?”
  • “I got a few sales, but now nothing”
  • “Is there a secret?”
  • “How to move up the rankings?”
  • “Who Killed 2pac?”

My points are the following:

  • If you’re not offering a service that’s unique and stands out from the 1000’s in your field, success will be difficult.

  • If you’re not willing to market yourself daily to generate clientele, success will be difficult.

  • If you’re not skilled at what you’re offering and promote dishonesty, success will be difficult.

  • If you lack a creative, professional presentation of your services, success will be difficult.

Fiverr is many things, such as a resume builder, a side hobby, and for some, a career. But like gambling, it’s all a crap shoot. It’s a leap of faith. You cannot expect ANYTHING to happen for you. Level 1’s learn about it, Level 2’s understand it, and TOS’s practice it. It’s a tough, tough thing to do and I mean that in the most meaningful way I can put into text. THIS IS NOT EASY!

Be willing to work to reap the rewards. I kid you not. Everything explained above is just a small piece of the puzzle. This is not to discourage anyone new, but to advocate understanding. Stay motivated, work very hard, and good luck to you all.

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It was the killuminati! OBVIOUSLY.

But yeah, everything else. About 70% of this forum is poorly-written regurgitated bilge about a lack of work. Stop it guys, write something entertaining like an unreasonable or slanderous complaint. I love those.

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Well done! You are right, engaging on the forum is certainly a great way to make more sales. Help others using your talents, they are in the hundreds here asking for questions. Go to the ¨Available Projects¨ daily and you will always find someone who needs your services. Then, promote your Gigs, social media is one of the best place I know for that. The first few sales are the hardest to get, make sure that you deliver a perfect job because you will need those five stars to attract more buyers, and good luck! 🙂

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I have a couple of sells through the available projects. However, sometimes looks the offers still the same every day. Has anyone experienced the same issue?
Anyone knows how the available projects pop up in a daily base?
Or there is some kind o management by Fiverr in the way that shows up?

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