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Forwarding buyer to new seller


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I saw a buyer request from a new seller here today who claims he will give 50 % of whatever he will earn through the work forwarded to him by another seller.

In his own words’’ I will send you half of the pa-yment for those work which comes through you ‘’

I s it against the TOS of FIVERR?

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There is nothing specifically in the TOS about this but it is not a good idea because

  1. most sellers want to keep 100% of their orders
  2. how do you know what quality of work the other person will do, and
  3. if they do nothing, or poor work, you will be stuck with the bad feedback
  4. if they pay you, if must come through fiverr and you will only get 80%
    5.how are they going to send YOU half the payment from your own sale?

It’s a dumb idea any way you look at it.

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Actually Many times I am busy so I have to say no to many buyer s.I am not planning to delegate my work just thinking to refer the buyer his name(new seller) .

after that its buyer decison to continue with the new seller if he does then the new seller will give me half of what he earns from the buyer I referred to him.

Feedback will be given to the new seller.

Many new sellers works extra hard when I was new I have worked for 6-7 hrs for $5.

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