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Compromising between my passion and my education


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Hi there,

this is my first post in this forum.

I wanted to share my story with you. Thank you in advance for the time you put into reading my story

I am an 18-year-old student from Rome, Italy, and I have been offering a service since January designing flyers and other graphic works on your website, always conscious of following my passion for design instead of thinking about the money earned and saved in order to pay for my future education. I have always dreamed to go to the USA and get a higher education there.

Only spending time on Fiver and having the first, invaluable work experiences I have ever had, did I find for myself what being precise, performing well under pressure and demanding conditions, achieving optimum resolution while meeting precise deadlines, approaching how many different perspectives of works people may have, mean.

I do believe that what I learned in barely four months of activity on your website and in designing 200+ works with positive feedback, I could have not ever nor will I ever learn in school.

However, getting a taste of what future may mean did have a price. I resigned myself to compromising

between my ambitions and my education, still convinced that they had to be parallel, if not coincident, paths. Most of my grades at school in the second semester dropped dramatically.

An extraordinary meeting between the class board, my parents’ and myself has been planned in a week, in which I will have to explain and justify what has been occurring considering the consistency and success of my previous years at school. While I welcome the chance of sharing my experience and what I have learned on Fiverr and will never learn in any book ever written, I do think this is not fair.

I feel thwarted by the defects of the educational system (learning seemingly mere and conceptual notions spending hours and hours on books) and by my parents’ expectations; I felt a sense of failure that I had never felt before.

Not only because my parents had gone to a foreign country to seek their fortune, making big sacrifices for my education and for my future, but also because I knew that underneath the aspiration of becoming a graphic designer is the desire to make a difference. I feel the urge to change something, and things are not out of reach anymore with Fiverr, I realized. I began to acknowledge how much I yearn to make a difference; I came to realize that I have the potential to do so.

Whatever the result will be, I will try to regret nothing because I keep having an invaluable confirmation of what I truly want for myself: becoming a graphic designer. I keep assuring myself that my first priority are not those grades in the school report believed by many to be defining the whole nature of a student, but the actual realization of my aspiration.

I saved $1,600+ which I will use to pay for university. I have been accepted at Drexel University in Philadelphia and will study Computer Science. I will get a taste of what the American Dream feels like.

And Fiverr has and will definitely help.

Thank you, Fiverr!


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