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Sixty days, level two. One sellers story


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Hello, Good People of Fiverr,

My name is Jack, and I am one of the new kids on the Fiverr block. I am writing this post today as much of what I have learnt during my journey to become a Fiverr freelancer, came from the pages of this very forum. It seemed only fair I share my recent experiences with the community, so others can learn from my mistakes/wins and hopefully find some of the same success I have.

Today, I achieved level two status, no doubt, an important milestone in the Fiverr journey for any freelancer new to the community. I reached this milestone exactly 60 days after sign-up. I have been fortunate during the last two months to work with over seventy customers from around the world, almost all of which have been very kind and provided 5-star reviews.

It hasn’t, however, always been smooth sailing. While I had used Fiverr extensively as a buyer for various business projects over the period of a few years, my first attempt to sell through the website as a freelancer was only three months ago. I made some foolish mistakes that resulted in many lost hours, only one sale over a two-week period, the cancellation of my account at the time and it almost ended with me ‘throwing my toys out of the pram’ and giving up on the Fiverr dream.

I pulled myself together, took a step back, and looked at what I had done.

I asked myself,

Why wasn’t it working?
How come I couldn’t sell a gig?

I soon realised, these were the wrong questions. I first needed to understand what I looked for when buying a gig myself.

This brought me to the realisation that I fundamentally misunderstood what Fiverr was all about. Yes, Fiverr is a marketplace, but it’s more than that, it’s a community. A place to connect people together. When I buy a gig, I want to know who the person is on the other end and I want them to not only be good at what they do but also passionate about it.

‘Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally’

David Frost

I first set up a Fiverr seller account with the username Bizdocs. Simple enough, I thought I would present as a sleek, professional business that is great at what they do, already established, and has decided to start providing their services through Fiverr. I created a logo/brand (attached) and spent hours meticulously building my professional looking gigs. I focussed on simple tasks for my first gigs, typing, PDF creation and transcription. It’s important to note, I didn’t particularly enjoy doing any of these things, I just knew these were tasks I could complete competently and it seemed like there was some demand on Fiverr for these services.

With my gigs finished, I then sat back and waited…… and waited…… and (surprise) nothing happened.

In fact, two weeks went by, and I made one sale for a typing gig which took me a full day to complete. I was rewarded with $5 for my days work and the client didn’t even find the time to leave a review. Rough right? Well, to be fair, it was my own fault.

I had it wrong on so many levels, my gigs were impersonal and the services I was offering had no passion behind them. I just wasn’t providing services that lined up with what I loved to do, or what I was good at. So, I contacted Fiverr support, cancelled my account, brushed myself off and started again.

I made a new brand (also attached), registered a new account under my personal name and put an actual picture of myself as the profile photo instead of a logo (I know, revolutionary right?). How could I have not seen this from the start? I spoke about who I was in my gigs and why someone should entrust me with their work, and wait for it, focussed my gigs on things I love to do. I listed three writing gigs, one for biography writing, a second for about-us business pages, and finally, blog posts. Within a day, I had several orders and it very quickly started to snowball from there. I now average $20 a gig and have a new order come through most days like clockwork. I still have a long way to go, but I feel the foundation has been built.

I plan to write another post in the coming weeks talking about the steep learning curve I experienced with planning my time, managing customers and streamlining the gig delivery process. I will first see how this post is received and if putting my thoughts to a page holds any value for the members of the Fiverr community.

In summary, have a goal, and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come together right away. Put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to show who you are to the Fiverr community and concentrate on the things you are good at and love to do. Follow these steps, and I have no doubt you will not only enjoy the freelance work you are doing, but your clients will appreciate the final result.

My personal Fiverr goals for 2016

  • Secure a featured gig.
  • Get a gig front page.
  • Become a Fiverr Top Rated Seller by year end.
  • Write a guest post on the Fiverr website.

I welcome feedback and look forward to hearing from others about their experiences.

Dream big, start small, make it happen.


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Hi Misscrystal,

I must apologise, perhaps I was unclear. I started initially with an account that was unsuccessful (Bizdocs), which ran for slightly under two weeks, with only one order. I subsequently contacted FIverr support, cancelled the account and registered a new account under my person name. This was what I was trying to convey with my post. The new account under my personal name has been running for 60 days. You are most correct, I did not intend to be miss leading with my post title.

Thank you for your feedback.


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Hi Jack… Congratulations on your Success… I saw your gigs they are nice and especially your Gig Video is good… I wish you loads of Success and also would like to suggest you that as you have a Good Mic with you … Why dont you also offer Audio Biography where in you Record the Bio in your Voice add some music and effects and send it across to the clients … All the best 🙂

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Hi Amitkaria,

Thanks for kind words! Great idea about the microphone gig. I got the mic with the intention of using it for something on Fiverr! Cool idea, I just may give it a go.

I see you are the guru when it comes to voice over work. All the best with your Fiverr journey!


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Hi there, congrats on your success!
I get the feeling you will be joining the TRS group in no time.

>my gigs were impersonal and the services I was offering had no passion behind them. I just wasn’t providing services that lined up with what I loved to do, or what I was good at. So, I contacted Fiverr support, cancelled my account, brushed myself off and started again.

All those people asking for help but will NOT change or improve their gigs even after others had left a helpful comment for them really need to read your post, especially this part!!
I’m glad you took the time to stop and put in all the time and effort to improve.
I’ll be looking forward your next post, announcing your TRS achievement. 🙂

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Congratulations Jack!

My story is similar to yours as I’ve been a member for almost three years now as a buyer but only focused on selling as of 01/01/16 when I got my first official order and boy was I excited. Initially, a friend gave me my first sale a month before on a gig I created but I find it unfair to count. I’ve just gotten to level two about 5 days ago and it feels super! I must say I had to work very hard to get there though, especially without any form of promotion.

It is great to hear the success stories of other sellers as it helps to motivate me and reassure me that i’m on the right path. I hope to make this platform a steady source of income and soldier on to becoming a TRS one day.

Best wishes to you and may you achieve all your fiverr goals this year!


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