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I see what people say on the Internet about Fiverr


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I’ve been on Fiverr for less than a year. I’ve had a few terrible costumers in the small amount of orders I’ve dealt with: those that want to pay too little or want free work, those that ask for 10 revisions, those that don’t want to cancel the order, even when I ask them saying I can’t do what they want.

I just had a client like that. She went and purchased a video intro from me. She then filled the requirements incorrectly. I asked a few questions and she took one whole day to come back to Fiverr. As my gig has a 24 hour delivery, I needed to make the video with the info I had at the moment. I did 6 videos (even when she paid for only one) just to try different things to see if she was happy with one of those.

Of course she disliked the videos. She was very unhappy. She requested a revision with about 6 modifications in a 5 second video. Of course, the way she explained what she wanted was terrible, just like when she filled the requirements. So, I said “let’s make one modification at the time, let’s start with this one; please explain further”. I also asked her that, as she had so many revisions, to please come back to Fiverr more frequently or maybe install the app in her phone so we can communicate better and this way I could also make the exact video she wanted without affecting the deadline.

Well, she took this request as a “lecture”. Of course, she didn’t even read what I said before, and she assumed that I only had one question even though I said “let’s take one modification at the time”, so we could resolve it and move on to the next modification. I wanted her to be very happy, as any of my other clients and I like to work in a organized way with this kind of clients, because they are perfectionist and always want such specific stuff.

As she responded like this, and I didn’t understand anything that she wanted, she didn’t want to explain further about what she wanted, and she wanted everything fast, fast, fast, I asked for a mutual cancellation because I just didn’t think I was going to be able to do this order. I also I’m having a few family issues because my mother is sick and she was my only active order, so I really though I was going to be done by that time (it has been two days by then).

She finally accepted the cancellation but she also reported me to Fiverr for “unprofessional behavior”. WTH. Fiverr didn’t even check what happened with this situation, they just decided to give me a warning saying that this will affect my seller level in the future also. I don’t think that is a good way to treat the sellers. Fiverr should check what happened before putting us in a list of “bad behavior” just because someone said so. This is very problematic because anyone can report you just to hurt your status on Fiverr.

By this point I don’t know if I did something wrong to deserve a warning and to be reported. Until now I had dealt with my clients, good and bad, without problems. And I think I did this too with this seller. Maybe I didn’t, maybe I deserve it.

Someone could give me some advice?

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