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Secret to become successful on Fiverr!?


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Hello friends,

I am Samson. I am Web developer having experience of more than 7 years. I have created several websites as working with web development companies and As a freelancer. While just casual surfing on internet, i came to know about fiverr. I read lots of success stories about selling on fiverr.

So i created account with it. Within just 3 days, I got my first order of $30. Buyer was very happy with my work and second time i got order from same buyer of $50.

Now the problem is, since past 6-7 days i am getting Zero impressions, Zero clicks. I really need help of successful sellers of fiverr that how can i get more impressions and clicks on my gig.


Here is link of my gig, please check it and let me know if there is anything wrong with my gig.

Thank you,

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I believe about 90% of all categories on Fiverr have very stiff competition. You’ll have to be creative in order to stand out. Whether its a gig video (highly recommended), more sample work in your gig gallery, or offering different services that you have talent in can possibly assist you.

Also, be mindful that clients are not going to fall onto your lap. It’s best to market yourself outside of Fiverr to get potential buyers interested. Best of luck.

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