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Need Help From Older Sellers Regarding My Denied Gigs


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Hey Everyone,

Hope you are doing fine,

Fiverr has recently denied almost all of my favorite gigs, which have helped me build a small company of my own. The message that I got in Email was “This Gig has been flagged for promoting a service, website or product outside of Fiverr.”

When I reached out to Fiverr Support they shared a message saying “After reviewing your Gigs, it appears that the services that you offer are no longer within the Editorial focus and guidelines of Fiverr.”

Now, I am really frustrated because of their constantly changing reasons for denying my gig. Most Importantly, I have a screen shot of my previous discussion with a fiverr support staff, who asked me to modify my gig description, which I did, and then he told me that I am good to go.

FIverr support is not replying now and I don’t know what to do. I have put a lot of efforts in maintaining my good reputation on fiverr, and I am really demotivated from past couple of days. I will definitely appreciate help from fellow Fiverrers.

Good Day.

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Hello, sorry this happened. I don’t know what kind of gigs you had but there are some that have to do with other sites that fiverr can no longer accept. Since you have an MBA you should be doing well. In my country they only take 2 years and the starting salary is over $50,000 per year.

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