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Buyers request and price


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Hi there.
My caricatures are very detailed,so take too much time. That’s why I had to fix a relatively high price; 30 $, although I’m a newbie. But I think high pricing is the worst strategy in the beggining here. It’s impossible for this caricatures to be drawen for 5 or 10 $, they are really difficult. I don’t want to change my style and make easy ones.
Today I made a few offers in buyers request. In buyers request section, am I permitted to offer a price that under the related gigs price? I can be a little bit flexible. Is it rational for me to offer 20 or 25 $ in buyers request?
Or not only in buyers request, should I completely lower my prices? Though I prefer the first option.
Thanks for your replies in advance.

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You are allowed to quote higher for a Buyer Request if you wish. In general, though, most sellers find that it’s fairly important to offer $5 gigs when they are new. It will be much harder to break in and gain reviews by making buyers pay more for a seller without some history.

There are 2 ways (at least) you can start out cheap. One is to do what you mentioned at offer simpler versions of the gig you want to sell. That might work if people are willing to buy them.

The other way is to simply do a ton of work for very little money to build your reputation. There’s not a thing wrong with doing that either and it’s how lots of new sellers get started or even experienced sellers with new gigs. Maybe you do end up spending hours or even days to earn $4, but what you gain is much more than money. In the long run it’s up to you. If you want to try charging more right away, you can give it a try. 🙂

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