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Thank you, Fiverr


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I’m not sure where the best place is to post this, but today I hit a big milestone with Fiverr, and it really had my already immense gratitude for Fiverr, strengthen.

Today, I crossed the 100k mark in sales.

To be doing something that I do part-time, and LOVE doing - in an industry that is, in the “real world” SO competitive and tough to get into - is just an amazing gift.

I never would have seen this coming when I first started, but as time went on, and I got better at really serving the customers AND myself (through carefully worded gig requirements and descriptions so I don’t get screwed), I realized that this was ONLY growing, and the BEST part - I DETERMINE how much I get paid for what I do.

It’s amazing how many talented, creative people there are in the world desperately trying to share their craft to make ANY money, who could be KILLING it here on Fiverr if they just “got it.”

I’ve definitely had my issues (technically) with Fiverr during my time here, but you couldn’t DRAG me away from Fiverr. I can’t even imagine what it would take to coax me into the “real” voice-over world. And it would NOT be higher paying jobs. When I share with traditional voice-over pros what I’m generating here on Fiverr, they are blown AWAY.

And no auditions.


Anyway, I just wanted to say my public THANK-YOU to Fiverr, for literally being one of the biggest life-changers I’ve ever experienced, personally and professionally. Oh, the stories of how Fiverr has SAVED me…

I hope you’re around forever!

Bob Doyle

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