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An option for extending time?


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This is something that comes to my mind whenever I am about to go pass the deadline.
We have two options in such an occasion, right? Correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Let the buyer know the situation and ask to cancel. So it doesn’t count as a late delivery and the buyer can’t leave a negative review.
  2. Talk to the buyer and deliver the gig late. Most buyers would give you 1 or 2 days, but the chances are they will demand more services since we delivered late plus a bad feedback.

What if we (sellers) can ask for extra time and if the buyer agrees, extra time is added to the count down and if the order is delivered within that time, it won’t count as a late delivery?

Just an idea.

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I would appreciate this option as well.

I got some customers who need to review the upcoming work with their partners, or some customer who still need to get one or two missing point to give me, or some customers who had something in life that my require to delay the deadline. and in these cases i can just try to approach them, i get a good review ok, but i have a decreasing % for the delivery time, and this is a lot frustrating. I dont want to charge more to extend the time, not in this cases.

need help!

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