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And Trump wins again


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Lyndon Johnson was a socialist and here are some programs he was responsible for:

As he campaigned in 1964, Johnson declared a “war on poverty.” He challenged Americans to build a “Great Society” that eliminated the troubles of the poor. Johnson won a decisive victory over his archconservative Republican opponent Barry Goldwater of Arizona.

American liberalism was at high tide under President Johnson.

The Wilderness Protection Act saved 9.1 million acres of forestland from industrial development.
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act provided major funding for American public schools.
The Voting Rights Act banned literacy tests and other discriminatory methods of denying suffrage to African Americans.
Medicare was created to offset the costs of health care for the nation’s elderly.
The National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities used public money to fund artists and galleries.
The Immigration Act ended discriminatory quotas based on ethnic origin.
An Omnibus Housing Act provided funds to construct low-income housing.
Congress tightened pollution controls with stronger Air and Water Quality Acts.
Standards were raised for safety in consumer products.

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I wonder how it feels like to know so much about politics like some people do. I mean, yeah I read news once in a while, and I have been (kind of) following about the American election (and it is only because I keep seeing posts about this that my friends on Facebook posted). For many months since the campaign started I was ignoring the news. But seems like the news about Trump is just everywhere, so I told myself, ˝Okay, okay, fine, I will read/watch it a bit˝. But most of the time I am too lazy 😛

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Trump in particular has never thought about any issues and it’s really not a job for a total newcomer. He has had to take a recent crash course in all the important topics and has been drilled on what to say and how to say it. I notice now he sounds softer and more friendly and for the first time smiles. He’s getting a lot of coaching.

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