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Is there buyer feedback bug?


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Hello everyone,
So recently I had a buyer who ordered one of my video gig and he left me a nice feedback after I delivered the ordered.
3 days later when I checked this same gig of mine, to my surprise the feedback from the buyer was gone.
So I opened the order page, scrolled down to check and there was no feedback from the buyer, it was only my reply feedback which was being shown there.
So I went to my profile page and hovered my mouse pointer over this gig and it showed 5 hollow round rings over it as if there is some negative feedback in there and this could affect my gig’s rating.
So I contacted Fiverr CS and they said that the feedback was removed by the buyer and they cannot do anything about it.
So I contacted my buyer to see if they removed it from their end and guess what my buyer said that he never removed it.
He went ahead and left a new review and yes also tipped me.
I again contacted Fiverr CS told them what my buyer said and they told me the same thing that the buyer must have deleted the feedback and that they cannot transfer my query to their technical team since the buyer has already placed a new review.
I’m not sure if this was bug or something that happened accidentally.
Lately I have been seeing weird rating glitches on my profile, like the other day on one of my video gig I had only one review and if I tried to hover my mouse over my own gig it would show that I have 2 reviews.
I’ll be happy to hear your views on this.
Thank you.

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