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Client Servicing Is Not Easy!


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A client always wants to feel comfortable during the business and if you are not good at client servicing then I must say that you won’t be able to retain more clients.

So what can we do as sellers? YES Client Servicing is the answer. You know people who does client servicing are highly paid because they are calm, presentable, problem solvers and most importantly, they serve the clients.

So here are some tips through which you can understand your clients!

1- Whenever you get the query, check the client’s profile first. Find out in which country he/she is living and what time standards they are following.

2- If you know their native language then congratulations, you can close the deal sooner.

3- Always give suggestions according you your expertise because your client is not an expert and that is why the person has approached you to get the job done.

4- Greetings make things smoother and easier, ask your clients about their health and make them feel like they are at the right place.

5- Never ever argue with the client. If the client is not able to understand your professional advice then don’t get too pushy and do whatever your client is asking for.

6- If you send offers in the buyer requests section, always offer unlimited revisions. This makes them feel easy that they can ask for unlimited revisions and the job will be done at its best.

I will be posting more soon till then I hope you people can benefit from above given points.

Looking forward to have your saying on this.

Hammad Makani

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I agree to most of the points, BUT unlimited revisions… I don’t know… that is a money-thing. If you have a buyer who always want revisions, it can be very time-consuming. And time is money. I usually offer a number of revisions. If there are only “little changes”, I do that. But I only give a number of “minor” revisions.

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