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New on Fiverr - feedback for my first gigs?


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Hey guys,

I just discovered this - seemingly amazing - site today. So, I decided and set up a gig. Now I’m wondering what I could do to improve it!

Any tips are welcome.

Also, I have some questions!

  • I feel like my gig isn’t listed internationally, but is only visible to people from my own country, which is The Netherlands. Any way to check this? The Gig description for one says ‘Ik zal’, which is Dutch for ‘I will’ instead of actually saying ‘I will’.
  • On the forums, I read that having a good profile picture is pretty important. Any comments on mine, should I change it?
  • How long did it take you guys before you had any buyers when you set up your first gig?

Thanks so much in advance, I’m really looking forward to my time here.

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  • Your gig is listed internationally, don’t worry about that.
  • Since you do logos, well it kind of is okay. But other people say having a professional photo of you works too. (But really, I’ve seen lots of good logo designers who just have logos as their profile pictures)
  • Uhm, I got mine an hour after I posted my first gig. I’ve heard stories though of people getting their first gig months after they posted.

Yes, Fiverr is an awesome site. Welcome! There are a lot of tips in the Tips for Sellers section. I’m sure they’ll help you out. 🙂

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