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Spokesperson versus testimonial

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I get a lot of ‘testimonial’ requests on my spokesperson gigs and the clients often don’t seem to understand the difference. I would suggest putting these two in separate categories.

Here is an explanation for anyone who is confused:
A) SPOKESPERSON = BUSINESS POINT OF VIEW (describing a service, announcing promotion, explaining the website or app features, fund raiser etc) using words ‘we’ or 'they’
NOT ‘I’.
B) TESTIMONIAL = CLIENT POINT OF VIEW (fake review, speaking in first person as if I had used the product or service myself)

I know many spokespersons here on Fiverr do not do testimonials, myself included. That is why I think a new category to separate these two would be great. And while we’re at it. I also do some acting sketches, characters commercials, so maybe we could have an ‘actors’ section as well 🙂 Because right now these kind of gigs are in all different sections (commercials, testimonials, bizzare, gift) when in reality it would be easier to find this type of service if it had a straightforward category. So I would suggest these categories:

  1. TESTIMONIALS (pretending to be a user)
  2. SPOKESPERSON (like TV presenting)
  3. ACTORS (for sketches, impersonations etc)

Let me know what you think 😃

Best wishes,

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