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Easy ways for seller to get started with New GIG


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Fiverr is the most popular marketplace for freelancers where we can sell many services in the form of a Gig. A gig is simply a page representing the services you provide. Most important is optimization of the gig and if you can’t then learn how to promote a Fiverr gig. According to my view, Gig optimization is a tough job so I decided to share some important ways through which how can an each individual promote Fiverr gigs. Before you promote your Fiverr gigs, your gigs must have:-
 Mind blowing description
 Attractive images or videos
 Simple (but attractive) and understandable title.
 Some free bonuses so that users may order immediately.

Why? I know why you want to promote Fiverr gigs, for boosting your sales, revenue against your services. I’ll tell you few ways to promote your Fiverr gigs which are discusses below.

Facebook groups are an effective social media of promoting any site, news or gig too. Nowadays, there are many Fiverr related groups on Facebook. This will increase your gig’s view and make more people aware of your services. Some keywords to search while looking for Fiverr gigs promotion:-
 Fiverr Gig promotion
 Fiverr Gig promote
 Fiverr community

If you’re a blogger than you can promote your gigs on your blogs this will ultimately promote your Fiverr gigs. This is also a way to promote your Fiverr gigs.


Twitter hashtags is an effective way to promote Fiverr gigs and profiles. Try by #Fiverr#Fiverr gigs# and tweet by pasting the URL of the gig. This will get thousands of views on your gigs.


One of the effective means includes YouTube to promote Fiverr gigs and profiles. Upload your animated or an attractive video depicting your services. Add your Fiverr gig and profile link in the description to attract visitors and buyers.

One of the great way of promoting Fiverr gigs is Fiverr Forum. This is an active forum where 90% buyers and sellers are registered. Here we can promote, share our gigs moreover we can ask queries and promote our profile too. This is an effective way of promoting Account & Gigs.

Some other ways to Promote Fiverr Gigs
Blog Commenting promotion

One of another way to promote your gigs is blog commenting. You just need to have blogs that promotes Fiverr guides. Place your gig links in the comment section of such blogs this will ultimately convert blog readers into Fiverr buyers.

Guest Posts promotion
If you want to boost up your Fiverr sales by guest posting on Fiverr related blogs. It’s so simple, Man! Just post on Fiverr related blogs and put your Fiverr gig links in author bio. By this you can transform Fiverr buyer into clients.

Reddit promotion
Fiverr users also use the following page to promote their gigs although Reddit isn’t a platform for such promotion of gigs. reddit.cm/r/FiverrGigs

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Good info. Thank you for sharing. I think for new sellers it is more important that the fiverr staff like your gig. Only then they will put you in the recommended section on top. And that y is when you will get orders from real clients. 🙂
Slowly you will drop in the recommended section but will begin to rise in toprated section. This is how it works. Thanks a ton for sharing bro

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