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Unplanned sales


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Today my phone kept ringing, i rarely answer because well i just hate cellphones. Prefer face to face discussions on important matters and anything else is just a waste of working hours.
Still for some reason i answered even though i suspected its a phone salesman and i was right. To avoid wasting time i mentioned straight away that i never buy anything over the phone but the salesman still wanted to read hes script so i listened for maybe 5 minutes.

Once he was done i told him the sales pitch was good but i’m still not interested, then i asked him is he has a few more minutes to spare, the answer was yes so i told him about the different types of services i provide both online and offline, gave him links to my sites gigs and portfolios.
The discussion ended soon after but 1 hour later he called back and hired me to complete a restoration project he had started but couldn’t finish himself. Went to hes house (was just an hour away and did the job in just a couple of hours.

Whats your oddest situation where you ended up making a sale?

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