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Writers Beware Of Possible Amazon Scam


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Just a quick one. I recently did a single Amazon product description for someone who really liked it and said that they wanted more, over 30 in fact. Anyway, long story short this person wanted all their descriptions done in a week which isn’t a problem but I don’t like doing batches of more than 10 articles in a single order in case I get a dodgy buyer who decides to cancel and run off with the material.

The above being the case, I said that I would send a custom offer for 10 articles which would be followed by another when the order for the first 10 had been marked as complete. However, my buyer then dropped all contact before someone else messaged me asking if I could do, you guessed it, 30+ Amazon descriptions asap.

Now my mind says scammer so I just a heads up for any other writers. If you get a buyer asking for the above material who you haven’t worked with previously, it would be wise (in my opinion) to ask them to break the order down into 10 article chunks.

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