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Order Attachment Unavailable?


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This is just a small tip as it relates to sellers who’s gig requires the customer to attach a file for them to work on.

At times you will notice the customer tried attaching a file after placing the order, and when you check it - it says ‘Attachment Unavailable’.

We’ve noticed that whenever this happens, the customer admits to uploading the file from their smartphone (which doesn’t always attach successfully).

Just ask the buyer to re-attach the file from their PC or laptop. This has worked for us 100% of the time that this issue surfaced.

** Always check your Fiverr orders regularly; you don’t want to have 1 hour to deliver then realize at that point - the attachment is unavailable. The customer may be on the toilet at that time and just may happen to be at war with constipation. This may only end badly for you. **

Stay alert - All the best.

✩ Speedy876 ✩

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