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Terms of Service etc. Questions


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I need some Terms of Service clarified somehow.

I bought a pic, but didn’t read terms of service until after, and didn’t clarify things with the seller, either. I have absolutely NO problem with the seller, they delivered quality, on time, and were a pleasure to deal with.

(1) Is using a pic as a Facebook profile pic personal or commercial use?

(2) If a gig doesn’t have the “Commercial Use” Extra offered, is it included in basic fee, or not available at all? I found this section of the Terms confusing.

(3) If the answers are “commercial” and “not available”, is it ok to contact the seller after the fact to buy commercial permissions, and how would I do that?


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  1. It’s personal on facebook unless you are using it in advertising.

    2.It’s not available. It’s something you could ask the seller to make you a custom order


  2. Yes it’s possible although most sellers have no idea what it is and how to supply it.

Since you are being given all copyright permissions whenever you buy something on fiverr according to Terms of Service you already have permission to use it however you want so permission to use a piece of writing or art commercially may not be needed, although some artists do require this. So it’s really up to the individual artist if he is selling you unlimited rights to use his artwork, or just personal rights but not commercial rights. If they are not offering a separate permission to use it as commercial then that means they are allowing you to use it any way you please.

However, if you see that a seller is offering the commercial license, that means that if you buy the art you are going to need to also buy the commercial license if you want to use it in a way that earns money, such as in an advertisement. If it’s just on a personal facebook page, that is not commercial use.

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