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My second chance at Fiverr and how I promote my gigs


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So I posted an article this week on a website called Medium in hopes of generating more traffic to my fiverr gigs. I wanted to share with you guys the main tips and what I have learned. To read the complete article please look up the same title on Medium.

Reposted article :

"Here are the action steps that I have taken to promote my work. Nothing I say is new however it is worth mentioning as this may help other sellers.

  1. Add a video to your gig and post it to YouTube. We all know that video is better than a photo and yet I see many sellers in my category still without one. Although, I am not complaining much — more traffic for me I guess.

  2. Make an effort to write an interesting gig description with relevant keywords. If English is not your primary language please hire someone to write or at least edit the description for you. Grammar and spelling errors are usually turn-offs for a lot of people.

  3. Promote the sh%t out of your gigs on social media but just be careful not to be too spammy. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or my personal Blog.

  4. Potential clients are usually very hesitant to take a chance on a new seller with no rating. One way around this is to ask your friends to create a profile and have them purchase a gig from you. Do a good job and ask them to leave an honest feedback. Even better would be to have them sign up with your affiliate link so they get one free gig.

  5. Comment on other blogs, forums or post a useful article on popular blogging sites such as Medium. I am so happy that this website allows me to share my story with so many people.

It has only been a couple of weeks that I take Fiverr more seriously. It will take A LOT of hard work before I become a Top Rate Seller. After testing out other freelance websites, Fiverr is the one that I like the most. They have an active forum and I only create gigs that I am good at.
I will be posting another article to document my results."

So far I have one recommendation and zero comments.

My next step is to write other articles on my personal website about my fiverr experience so that Google and other search engines will find those posts.

I am not one to sit idle and just wait for business to come. If I were to eventually be able to work full-time as an illustrator then I have to hustle now.

Hope you guys find this useful.


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