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Is client servicing important?


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We usually hear that customer is always right and it does not seem to be true. But for the fact, without your customer, you are nothing!
So how to deal with this sort of situation? Yes, client servicing is the tool.

Here are some quick tips to enhance your client servicing skills:

1- Always greet your client and make them feel that they are at the right place to get the job done. In order to do so, understand their query and ask different questions from different aspects. This will show your professionalism.

2- Don’t get too pushy to get the order. Wait for the moment when you think is the right time to close the deal. Hear your client out then propose a solution.

3- Don’t get too greedy! Its a trap and can cause you harm. Always be loyal with your client. You can earn more but to accomplish this, you must earn your client’s trust and the key is to under commit and over deliver. Congratulations you have just retained a client 😉

4- Always show the client that you are putting in 200% effort to get the job done. Keep the client posted with the progress, asks for the suggestions if needed, send some screen shots (if relevant) and things like these.

5- Everybody loves special treatment, who does not? To make your client feel sky high, always give them the respect they deserve. I usually say this when my client asks for the modification: “Your Wish Is My Command Boss” and boom! Here you go and your client will like you.

I hope these tips will help you to enhance your client servicing skills.

Hammad Makani

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