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This Is How Fiverr Works?


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Hello !
i have started working on fiverr About 4 Months Ago on this account .

I am a logo designer .
i am designing all my logos from sketch for my buyers .
using no clipart .

still my gig was removed from search and they replied that
my gig was removed for violating terms and condition .
i have asked to many times what have i violated ?
they are saying its secret .

supporters replies like robots .
i think fiverr has there own designers and all the gig with different name different profile are all profile of fiverr.com admin .
they don’t allow anyone else to work More .

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I’m an overly paranoid guy, and I bug CS all of the time with questions, and concerns. I had my entire account frozen a while back after I left for awhile due to health issues, and they responded back to me without a problem, and fast with an explanation as to what happened. I had my account restored and my level 1 status returned after just 1 little sale. They aren’t keeping a secret from you, and they’re not robots. All of the ones that have helped me are very kind and patient. They’re not out to get you or take your orders. I’m seeing your reviews and that you’ve had plenty of recent work, so I’m not sure why you’re so upset. It’s gonna be okay lol

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