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How to get my refund back into my checking account?


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Let’s say I have $10 in my Fiverr account. When I try to pay for a gig that costs more, such as $15, there’s no option to use my 10 dollar credit first before I pay the remaining $5 using Paypal. How do I go about this? I’m not going to keep the remaining credits in my account if they are unusable unless for gigs of equal value or under…

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Hello guys, I need help, and I hope you might know what to do.
Seller didn’t deliver order and the baddest thing is that he has closed his account, so no way to contact him. He doesn’t exist on Fiverr anymore.
I have history of order in my inbox, so I can send it to customer support, just I can’t find a place under customer support where to do it?
Can you help me please?

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