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Just Joined Fiverr (Can\'t Update my Profile \"Speaks\")


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I just joined up to FIVERR yesterday and I have tried for about an hour to figure out why I can’t update the basic profile area where it asks “I CAN COMMUNICATE IN…” Everytime I put “English” it just ignores that and goes blank again after “Save Changes”, I looked in my actual profile and it just shows up as "Speaks: " and it’s blank.

My profile is not showing up in the listings because of this, I wondered why my Gig had no hits at all, is because it’s not showing up even after looking through the listings and trying to find myself. Can you guys please fix this… I have tried in both Windows 10 Edge Explorer, and in Firefox, but both have the same error. Thanks guys!!

UPDATE: I went and picked both ENGLISH and ENGLISH UK, and when I clicked “Save” this time it defaulted to just keeping up “English” only. So at least it saved with what I WANTED it to save as initially, but for someone wanting just “English UK” or “English” by itself, they won’t know to do that, so the option needs to be looked into still.

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