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Why Logo Design Sellers Should Open Triple Packages NOW!


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The numbers are in: Logo Design sellers who converted to Triple Packages have seen their average daily revenue increase by 22% and their average order value increase by 29%. That’s a lot!

If you like the sound of those results, create your Triple Package now or read on for tips on creating the perfect Triple Package in Logo Design.

Here’s an example of a beautifully crafted Logo Design Triple Gig Package:


As shown in the image above, each package includes different package attributes tailored to different buyer needs. When building each level of service in your Triple Gig Package, think about the most commonly requested or logical combination of attributes to include and how you would like those to represent the different “tiers” of your packages.

Here’s the full list of Logo Design package attributes with some suggestions about how you can use them in Gig Packages:

3D Mockup: Providing a 3D mockup gives buyers a photorealistic image of their logo against a background or printed on an item or product. The 3D mockup can include elements such as depth and shadows to create that photo-realistic look. This attribute is commonly included in Premium and Pro level Packages.

Source File: The source file is the editable, layered design file - typically created in a professional design suite like Adobe Photoshop… Providing the Source File allows buyers to make future edits to the file, or to pull elements for use in other designs. .PSD is the most common layered Source File. Note: Source Files can also be vector based (.AI or .EPS), but we have also created a Vector File attribute in case you want to distinguish between the offering of a layered Source File vs. a Vector File. Source File is an attribute commonly included in Premium and Pro level Packages.

Vector File (NEW): A vector-based image (opposed to a raster-based image) is infinitely scalable, allowing buyers to resize the image without loss of quality or pixelation. Popular vector formats include .AI, .EPS, .SVG, and Vector .PDF. Note: Some sellers consider Vector Files to be “the Source File”, but we provide both options in case you want to differentiate between the two in your package offerings.Vector files, like Source Files, are commonly offered in Premium or Pro level packages.

High Resolution: High resolution means providing a raster-based image (e.g., .JPG, .PNG) with high dpi (dots per inch) and high pixel length (at least 2000px). A high resolution guarantees excellent print quality for raster-based images like .JPGs. . High Resolution is commonly included in Basic, Premium and Pro level Packages (but the choice is up to you).

Logo Transparency: Providing a transparent graphic for your customer gives them a way to use the logo against different backgrounds. Logos with transparent backgrounds will usually be provided in .PNG format which is easily compressed. Logo Transparency is an attribute commonly included in Basic, Premium and Pro level Packages.

Stationery Designs: Creating stationery templates You will create stationery templates featuring the logo for extras like business cards, envelopes, letterhead etc. Stationery Design is an attribute commonly included in Premium level Packages.

Social Media Kit: You will include graphics/banners for use on social platforms featuring the logo. You can specify which Extras in your Package description. This is a great attribute to include in Premium level Packages.

# of Logos Included: If you wish to include more than one finished logo design in a particular package, you can specify that here. But don’t forget: creating a totally different logo is a lot of additional work so do not undervalue this service by throwing in several logos for very little money. Many sellers choose to include only one logo in all three package tiers.

Revisions: You can specify the number of “rounds” of edits/revisions a buyer can request post-delivery. Revisions are also time-consuming and are often undervalued by sellers… so think twice before offering unlimited revisions in all three package tiers!

Don’t forget: you do not need to include all of these attributes. If you simply leave all three boxes unchecked for any row in package creation mode, that attribute will not be visible to the buyer.

It’s easy to build your Triple Gig Packages using the above attributes, and you can still add custom extras that are available at checkout. Go ahead and give it a try by editing your gig and clicking on the “Pricing” tab.

Looking for more inspiration to make the switch to Triple Packages? Check out this interview with Logo Design seller Danilo: “It’s pretty amazing…these numbers are the best since I joined Fiverr”

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