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Personal voice/video chat for sellers to buyers

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I am in the development part of Fiverr since I dev apps and websites etc…I often have issues communicating with buyers because either they don’t know what exactly they are saying, or I can’t figure out what exactly they want.

I know it’s against TOS to provide buyers with email or ask them for email UNLESS IT’S NEEDED FOR THE GIG etc…I was thinking about sending them a link to appear.in for video chat to end all the confusion but I don’t want my account in trouble.

The weird thing is since i do tech I have a gig where I do remote support…This includes logging into client PC…I’ve even chatted with one while removing viruses etc from their PC.

Can the devs at fiverr implement a personal chat for us sellers so we can have a sandbox conversation with our potential buyers? It doesn’t have to be video…it can be only audio. But I believe this would really skyrocket fiverr over the other freelance platforms out there.

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