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Negative review experience


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On the 1st of March 2016, i got to really understand the true meaning of Negative review. Don’t you think starting the month with a negative review is a bad omen. But that won’t be the case for me. It’s so unfortunate after you’ve put in so much effort/hours to get a job done and you get for your commitment and hard-work is “ZER0” 1 star. Too bad. But i shouldn’t allow it get to me because somethings are just meant to happen.

If you go on Youtube and search for videos of cute kittens, you will see that even these videos have a few “dislikes.” Why would someone take the time to dislike a video of a mewing, dewy-eyed kitten is beyond me. It appears that either 1) the person is adolescently trying to take advantage of the crowd to draw attention to themselves, or 2) they own a rival cute kitten video and feels threatened by anyone else’s cuteness.

Whenever you create something with an ounce of personality and send it out into the world, some people aren’t going to like it. Even wildly successful companies like Apple have people who wait with bated breath to tear them down.

Critical remarks don’t mean you won’t be successful. Their very presence means you took a stand. It means you didn’t aim for the lowest common denominator. It means your work has an opinion.

Lastly, If you encounter heat for what you’ve done, consider it the universe’s way of congratulating you for creating something of substance.

Have a wonderful Month - March 2016

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