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Video & Animation Category | Important Update


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Can you guys please confirm if this is only happening with me or everyone else as well. Fiverr has recently updated its V&A categories and added some new subcategories in order to drive more traffic to gigs. Sounds Cool! I just experienced the biggest drop ever in sales since the last year and half (from 25th 2016 Feb onwards) I also noticed another thing which I want you guys to confirm. The Video Animation categories updated on the Fiverr website are not showing up on the app. The Fiverr app still has the old categories. Now when I click on one of the old categories which are now gone from the main fiverr website all I see is “No Results” in the App.

I have updated the fiverr app and I got the new layout which is pretty cool but I think the sudden drop in sales is because of this issue. Many people use the fiverr app to buy stuff, but since they are not seeing the new categories they can not reach the gig.

For example in my case all my gigs were in Video and Animation > Commercials, after the update Fiverr has added a new category Promotional and Brand videos to which my gigs were migrated to. Now since this new sub category is not showing up in the app, only the buyers who are coming from the fiverr website can order my gigs and not the ones using the app.

I would highly appreciate it if you guys can take a moment and see if your having this problem.

Thanks in advance guys!

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