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Buyer order me,i completed the work. but he decieve me


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one of my buyer order me…i complete their work…
he marked it completed …but after a day he refund their pay…
its a joke , fiverr did not support seller why?
please any solution…
what can i do…with this client “*********”

Actually he block me… i can’t contact with him

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ok sir!
sorry by violating your rule,that i call out a user by name…
what then,you people remove that one,he will create a new account with new name,
i loss the budget,
actually i fed up from fiverr…that accident break my heart…
sorry to say you that it’s your’s responsibility to take care of someone business…

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First of all, misscrystal is not a sir. I would think that to be abundantly clear.

Second, here on the forums, we are merely moderators. We aren’t going to be deleting the accounts of other users.

Third, it is NOT Fiverr’s responsibility to conduct your business. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue, however, blaming Fiverr for your problems is neither a good business attitude, nor appropriate.

Fourth, if a refund was involved, that would have required you to agree to it. If your buyer asked for refund, you would have to have agreed to it for it to process. If this is the case, then you have no right to complain. If the order was automatically refunded without your approval, than it would appear as though the buyer may have processed a PayPal charge-back. That breaks the rules of Fiverr, and they do delete accounts for doing that. Whatever the case may have been, the money has been refunded, and is no longer available to you. It happens. There is nothing you can do about it.

If you absolutely must have answers, then you will have to contact customer support, as they are the only ones that can help you in this matter.

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