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How to avoid all the back and forth and a lot of modifications


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How to avoid all the back and forth and a lot of modifications. As a seller it happens to me a lot of the time when the buyer does not supply me with the critical points of information, which are gradually revealed to me with a lot of unnecessary and avoidable modification requests, not that I do not want to modify the design, but the fact that these modifications could have been avoided makes me a bit uneasy. Had the buyer told me that he would not like to see blue color in the design then I would never have had used blue, and instead of saying I don’t like the design try again, he could have just said I want the design in 3d (which he loves but didn’t tell me )
So how can we avoid a ton of modifications and save both, the seller and buyer’s time.

1 ) Make sure you fill in all the information initially required by the seller, usually when a buyers orders a gig he/she is presented with a set of requirements that he needs to fill in to get the order started. The buyer should spend as much time as he needs to carefully fill in all the information that is asked by the seller. Sometimes the buyers are just too busy to write everything asked, but Note that saving a few minutes here may cost you a lot many hours down the road.

  1. A simple idea is just not enough for the seller to give you exactly what you need. The best thing would be to sit down, grab a pen and paper and write down everything that comes into your mind regarding what you require and what you would like and dislike.
    For E.g I am a logo designer, so I would want my customers to write down the colors that they like, the colors that they do not like, and the type of company that they have and who is their target audience. What would they want me to include specifically, what type of logo do they have in their mind, a Badge, image plus text, Or Typographic.
    I would also want them to send me a few examples of the logos that they like, and a few examples of logos that they do not like.
    All of these details if written down and sent to the seller would help him come up with the design that the Buyer is looking for, and would save the buyer and the seller a lot of time.

  2. Discuss before placing the order, if you think your request is rather complex or something that requires the seller to feel your mind then it would be a great idea to talk to the seller. Explain everything that you have in mind and ask for his thoughts, and if he can do it or not.

  3. Remain online for a few hours after you place the order, the seller may have Questions that may save you and him a lot of time. Sometimes the buyers miss critical information. The seller has to have his query answered before he can begin his work. So make sure you are there to answer his questions, the best thing would be to install the Fiverr application in your cell phone.

Please forgive my English language skills as I am not a native speaker, feel free to ask me anything that you would want answered from a seller’s point of view. I hope you will find the suggestions above useful. Feel free to correct me and let me know if I missed something, happy selling and buying.


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