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That was mistake by Fiverr cust support


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B: Buyer
S: Seller (i’m)

B are buying my gig, and i late deliver, but as per agreement by me and my B (buyer) B can wait for gig delivered
after 6 hrs i deliver the order, but not marked as delivered
then i contact cust-support to help me out. but what happen? Order Cancelled!!!
then i contact CS again and got replay like this

"Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your order. The order was cancelled and the buyer refunded.

Have a nice day"

and i replied

"Please review again id: FO77B0E010xx
buyer are agree to wait, and i deliver the order with bonus as per agreement

thank you"

Then Got replied by CS

"I’m really sorry about this. That was my mistake. Would you like me to contact your buyer and ask him to order from you again so you can deliver him your work or you will arrange that between you too?

Again i’m really sorry."

So what your opinion with this case?
anyone can help me?

thank you

SS for proof



Captured with Lightshot



Captured with Lightshot

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Customer service cancelled the order. But you did not want the order cancelled. Tell them yes ask the buyer to again place the order, then deliver it again.

There was no reason for you to contact customer service. You delivered it late. It will not be “marked” in any way as delivered. Once you deliver it you are done. It’s delivered.

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