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Useful Tips for Increased SEO Traffic


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  1. Create each gig to be individually, very focused. For example, a logo gig page is more 1. Create each gig to be individually, very focused. For example, a logo gig page is more likely to get ranked and indexed than one that offers logos, letterhead and business cards. By staying tightly focused, the search engines know what your page offers.

  2. Write a “no-fluff” URL when you first create the gig. This is a mistake I made and unfortunately, can’t change. When you create your gig for the first time, Fiverr gives your gig a URL that reflects your gig title. Once you have it, it’s yours forever unless you delete the gig and start over. You can always go back and change the title, but the URL will remain the same as the original title. Therefore, choose your new gig title wisely. But, do not abuse the system by repeating keywords, such as using “logo-logo-logo” as part of the URL.

  3. Use at least one or two tags in your gig title. Titles are the critical element for showing up in the search engine result pages. For some of my gigs, I only use one tag in the title and for others I use two. My choice depends on whether the title length is under the limit and if it reads well. You don’t want the title to sound unnatural or stuffed with keywords.

  4. Bold and highlight tags in the body of the description. Beyond the title, the gig description is the next place to focus your efforts. The first couple sentences summarize what the gig is about. Try to use the full 1200 characters to write a clear and rich description. The search engines want to know how your page helps/ answers questions for real people. Choose words carefully to highlight or bold, but don’t overdo it.

  5. Name the images, videos and files that you upload. You can name your files to reflect the gig tags or what you are selling. For my ebook gig, for example, I named the image “fiverr-gig-work-from-home”. The descriptive file name matters a lot.

  6. Post your gig video in popular and well-reviewed places. You want to post in places Google considers authoritative and high quality (such YouTube) with a link for viewers to find your Fiverr page. Sharing your video across social media could also be helpful, for example Facebook. It won’t help with search engine traffic, but it may help with social sharing.

  7. Add keywords in the reply rating. Social proof matters. When a buyer leaves you a star rating and testimonial, the Fiverr system allows you to rate the buyer. There is benefit to adding keyword variations in your reply rating message. The more variation you add to the keyword phrase each time, the less “spammy” it looks and reads.

  8. The Fiverr forum is a good place to put a link to your gig. [Admin Note: In the My Fiverr Gigs category only.] When posting a link to your gig in the forum, do not try to be sneaky or deceptive, but natural and highly relevant to the post. For back-links, age matters for Bing and Yahoo, whereas focus and relevance matters to Google. It’s better to have high quality and low volume then low quality and high volume links to your gig.

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Guest amaziff

Very useful tips. And very important mainly for beginners because it is very hard to get some traffic to your gig without right promoting.

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