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How to improve your gig description! From a publicist point of view


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How many times we think something like this “ok… I don’t know what the heck write in my gig description” or “how can write what I do without it been so short sad face
As a publicist, I study the technique behind a good gig description, and now I’ll help you to know this. First of all, you need to stop thinking like a seller, and stat thinking like a buyer
Every buyer got previous questions before a buy, the more you answer, the most likely the buy.

1.- what you offer to the buyer?
Let’s say you’re a logo designer like me, so what’s so special in the logo you made? You need to clear that out first, example “I will design an unique modern low poly logo for you! Making your business look professional, fresh and trendy, helping you attract more customers or viewers.”, after that, you need to specify what you give, for example “A HD logo in JPG/PNG format. Source File in Ai/EPS format (Extra)”.

2.-Why the buyer need your gig?
This is very important, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who looks for everything in his newborn business, but doesn’t know where to start, then find your gig but it doesn’t look trust worthy enough. You always need to explain why the customer need your service, for example “giving you a unique style and making your account stand out from the competition.” You can explain also the uses of your product in a list. For example “Perfect for: Photographers, Shops of any kind, Corporate accounts, Personalities accounts, etc.”.

3.-Is that all you do?
Remember, advertising always come handy, if you have other gigs that can be related with your service, for example, you do logo design, but also social media design, you can also promote your social media gig in your logo gig.

4.-why the buyer should buy your specific gig?
what makes you special? You have a degree? Previous experiences? Explain it all, the more you know, the most likely you sell.

5.-ok, I will buy your services, but, what you need?
If you need something, like a photo or the brand name, tell the customer first, making your buyers be prepared for your services before ordering.

6.-I got a pretty specific question, can I ask first?
Always be open mind and listen to your costumers and potentials, a question never hurt anybody, and it’s important to let everyone that you can always listen.

Answer all this questions in your gig description and you will have a pretty convincing service that anyone can buy without fear!

Hope it helps!

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